Coven of The Black Flame

Darkest Greetings and welcome to my new Satanic blog. I will relate some interesting topics for you, the Satanic reader, to search within your Satanic being what Satanic Gnosis means to you. Gnosis comes from the Greek word meaning knowledge. To a Satanist, Gnosis is a process of “personal interaction at a level allowing the communication to be truly meaningful for the practitioner”.* This could mean rededicating or reinitiating yourself to Satan. Through this process the practitioner gains a more meaningful relationship to Satan. Think of the Gnosis as stairs to personal improvement and your relationship to Satan. Are you truly dedicated? If so, can it be improved? If not, why not? As Satanists we learn from each other and as such I am available to offer assistance to those wishing to learn more as we travel on this amazing Satanic journey. Email me at

Welcome to My New Satanic Blog


* “Satanism and Devil Worship” by Aleister Nacht, Loki/Speckbohne Publishing, 2019

Introduction to The Coven of The Black Flame

This Blog is dedicated to the Knowledge and Philosophy of Theistic Satanism


Here’s where I part with TST.  Although the Jane Doe has her constitutional right to get an abortion but the meddling by TST gives the TRUE Satanist a bad rap.  TST is an atheistic group and as such they should say they are. But since they got that get out of jail free card (IRSContinue reading “TST”

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